At the Creativity World Forum in Hasselt, Minister Ingrid Lieten announced that she would inject more means for innovative cross- fertilisation. Bringing together scientists, companies and the creative sector has an enormous potential. Technology and science for instance have a positive impact on innovations in the creative industries. In the reverse sense, creative industries are very innovating by nature. This can lead to breakthroughs in science, the economy or in our society.

The Flemish government wants to encourage those cross-fertilisations between creative people/artists, scientists and/or entrepreneurs. The CICI programme must allow for the creation of a number of inspiring alliances that will bridge the gap between creative industries and other sectors.

The CICI call makes subsidies available to realise this cross-fertilisation.

For more info about CICI: contact Carlo.

Carlo Vuijlsteke
Projectmanager Flanders DC
+32 16 24 29 14

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