About the creative sector

Want to get a quick overview of the creative landscape in Flanders? Hold your horses! The Flemish creative sector is multifaceted and complex, consisting of no less than twelve subsectors. Together they offer work to 187.196 people and represent 14.2 billion euros added value.

Next sectors are officially part of the 'creative sector' in Flanders:

  • architecture
  • audiovisual industry
  • visual arts
  • communications
  • design
  • heritage
  • games
  • printed and digital media
  • fashion
  • music
  • new media
  • performing arts

What unites these twelve subsectors, is that they all express an artistic and/or cultural creativity, or use this creativity as fuel for the functional products or services they offer (like a building in the case of an architect, to name just one example).

Each of these subsectors, in turn, consists of a multitude of players who take on various roles and who have their own (sometimes conflicting) interests. They fall broadly into two categories: ‘creative’ and ‘supportive’ players.

  • Creative players: everyone who participates in the creation process (the designer, the musician, the filmmaker, the author, the artist,…).
  • Supportive players: everyone who helps market the creation (the manufacturer, the gallery owner, the management team, the retailer,…).

Do you want to know what makes the creative sector tick, what you need in terms of education, or where you can get support? Our entrepreneurial guide is only available in Dutch, but the study 'Creative industries in Flanders' offers a useful overview of all twelve subsectors.