Photography: Athos Burez / Camera assistence: Roel Van Tittelboom / Production: Nono C. / Make-up & hair: Sanne Schoofs en Mathilde Van Hoof / Styling: Farah El Bastani

Management & Support

The people take care that the rest of the team can work properly and focus completely on the creative entrepreneurs.

Pascal Cools

Managing Director

CEO, policy creative sector, Districts of Creativity, advice

Astrid Grunwald

Office Manager

Mother of the team, reception, facilities, purchases, Bar d'Office

Margo Suetens

Finance & Personnel Manager

Accountancy, personnel administration

Knowledge & Advice

These people give advice and mentoring, develop tools and organise Labs and Expert Days.

Carlo Vuijlsteke

Senior Project Manager Knowledge & Advice

Coordinator Districts of Creativity Netwerk, advice, policy, consultation creative industry

Ann Claes

Senior Project Manager Fashion

Coordinator & contact fashion, advice, policy fashion, internationalisation & European projects

Caroline Merckx

Project Manager Advice

Advice, intellectual property, Expert Days

Joyce Smet

Project Manager Advice

Advies, financieel beheer, financiering, subsidies

Marie Boutsen

Project Manager Advice

Advice, Labs, financing, subsidies, artist's statute

Jasmien Wynants

Project Manager Knowledge & Tools

Tool development, circular economy/fashion, fashion technology

Tom Suykerbuyk

Project Manager Design & Co-creation

Advice, cross-pollination/co-creation, business modelling

Sophie Pay

Project Manager Fashion

Advice, internationalisation, international business development trajects, sales, recruiting

Simon Gryspeert

Project Manager Knowledge & Tools

Tool development, entrepreneurs guide, pricing, crowdfunding, business modelling

Hanne Debaere

Project Manager Advice

Advice, fashion, design, sales, visual arts

Promotion & Events

These people organise events, promotion campagnes, fair presentations en other international promotion actions.

Nora Weytjens

Senior Project Manager Promotion & Events

Events, fairs, image campaign entrepreneurship

Inge Vranken

Senior Project Manager Design

Coordinator & contact design, Henry van de Velde Awards, fairs, advice

Christian Oosterlinck

Project Manager Promotion & Events

Design fairs

Communications & PR

These people communicate all our activities and are responsible for the content on this website and magazine, and all of our social media channels.

Stefan Ceunen

Marketing & Communications Manager

Communication strategy and planning, marketing Flanders DC projects, online & social media, advice

Nathalie De Schepper

PR & Communications Manager

PR, communication fashion, Fashion Talks, Ik koop Belgisch

Mies Van Roy

Content Manager

Coordination website & online magazine

Jeroen Renmans

Digital Wizard

Digital solutions

Natascha Rommens

PR & Communications Manager

Communications design and PR