The values of Flanders DC

Which values are held in high regard at Flanders DC? What does Flanders DC want to stand for or aim to be?

1. Quality

Flanders DC goes for quality at every level, we go for the 'extra mile'. From the scenography and the content and experience at our events to the packaging of our tools and communication, to the advice we provide and the actions we take abroad: we strive for quality down to the smallest detail.

2. Inspiring

Flanders DC wants to be inspiring by continually looking for innovation in the content, formats, scenography or communication of our actions. We constantly collect new insights which we share with our customers. We pay special attention to sustainability, diversity and innovative entrepreneurship.

3. Respect

We show respect for every client, partner and employee. We take every question into consideration, whether you are a newborn starter or an experienced entrepreneur, and we give realistic advice. We keep our promises or are transparent if we should not manage to do so. Because working with us should be a comfortable experience. We ensure that our products and events are accessible to everyone. In our communication and on our stages we put a diverse mix of profiles in the spotlight. We do not exclude anyone on the basis of race, gender, age, origin, religion, political beliefs, sexual orientation or disability.

4. Genuine

Flanders DC aims to be real and genuine. Those who work here do so with determination, belief and enthusiasm. We are all 'architects-bricklayers' who think along at a high level but who can also roll up our sleeves. We start from the specific needs of our customers and do not stay vague, but provide them with tools they can use immediately. Our communication is honest and not overbearing. The people and themes we highlight in our communication are real and share their story out of enthusiasm.

5. Playful

Being creative is a serious matter, but life is too short to take everything too seriously. That's why we like to present events, tools and articles with some fantasy and playfulness, tasteful yet with a touch of lightheartedness. Our language is not only correct and honest, but also appealing and snappy, with a wink of sense of humor. The content of our communication is always easy to understand. We select the most accessible medium per message.