Every two years Flanders DC brings the fashion industry together at Fashion Talks, an inspiring conference with a focus on sharing contacts and insights. 

With the well-known fashion weeks of Paris and London almost ‘around the corner’, Antwerp doesn’t need its own traditional fashion week. Nevertheless the fashion industry is still confronted with a lot of challenges. To handle these challenges, companies need to be creative, innovative and edgy. Fashion Talks helps them with that. Are you active in fashion and interested in new business models? Thanks to our keynote speeches and moderated debates, you will go home with a head full of fresh ideas. 

Fashion Talks

Fashion Talks 2021 © Fille Roelants

Fashion Talks

Fashion Talks

Take a look at the aftermovie of Fashion Talks 2021.

"Fashion Talks is an inspiring and insightful conference. There's a great atmosphere and it is the perfect environment for all levels of the industry to meet, learn and exchange ideas."

Laura Dixon,

Denim consultant

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We asked photographer Fille Roelants to capture the highlights of Fashion Talks in a beautiful series of photos.

The talks of the speakers can be fully watched at the Flanders DC Youtube channel!