2022 was a transitional year for our organisation, a year in which we questioned and reinvented ourselves. Flanders DC takes a new path in 2023, with a renewed focus on design and fashion.

So far, Flanders DC has supported entrepreneurs from all creative sectors but will allocate all its resources on design and fashion as from 2023. Flanders DC will become a design and fashion centre. This allows Flanders to allign with other countries and regions that are all investing in a separate organisation to support design and fashion. You can read below how we'll do that.

As from 2023, entrepreneurs and companies from the other creative sectors looking for support will be referred to other organisations and programmes that can help them via a specific page at the Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Our vision

Flanders DC works towards strong and future-oriented entrepreneurship within design and fashion in Flanders and supports these sectors in their role as drivers of economic and social progress.

"Flanders maintains a connection with other countries and regions that invest heavily in supporting design and fashion. In doing so, I want to see a national and international commitment to future-oriented entrepreneurship with a focus on themes such as sustainability, technology and inclusion."

Jo Brouns,

Flemish minister of Economy, Innovation, Work, Social Economy and Agriculture

Our mission

We support entrepreneurs in design and fashion with:

  • starting promisingly
  • growing successfully 
  • internationalising 
  • increasing brand awareness and recognition

We encourage the sector to innovate, focusing on:

  • implementing sustainability 
  • adoption of technology
  • striving for inclusiveness  
  • encouraging quality and creativity

We encourage collaborations between the design and fashion sector and companies from other sectors that are persuing innovation by:

  • clarifying the added value of design and fashion companies as essential innovation partners
  • creating connections with the design and fashion sector

"With a more targeted focus, we will be able to generate even more impact. We look forward to using the knowledge and expertise in design and fashion that was already strongly present within Flanders DC to help designers and fashion entrepreneurs move forward."

Pascal Cools,

Managing Director Flanders DC

Our services

The new Flanders DC will advise, support and bring together designers, entrepreneurs and companies from the design and fashion sector in Flanders. We will help the sector with current and future challenges and encourage innovative collaborations by offering inspiration, information, tools and advice. We also bring people together, present awards, offer entrepreneurs a platform and give them opportunities abroad.

The design and fashion sector includes: fashion, accessories, jewellery, illustration, textile, crafts, brand design, graphic design, web design, digital design, collectible design, furniture design and interior, product design, service design, social design, spatial design, systemic design and industrial design.

Do you, as an entrepreneur or organisation, have questions about this news? Please feel free to contact us via info@flandersdc.be. We'll be working on an updated version of our site in the coming weeks, which will go live in early January, when the new Flanders DC starts.