In this webinar we’ll be taking a closer look at internationalization, step by step. Verifying if your brand is suitable for the foreign market is the first step. Which markets will you explore, how do you organize a business trip and how do you conduct a market research? We’ll be illustrating the answers to these questions using a concrete market, the DACH-region: Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The approach and tips that will be discussed are also transferable to other markets/regions.

Melanie Bauer, CEO and founder of Melagence and Clara Baum, Wholesale Director and Key Account Manager at Melagence will speak during this webinar. Melagence was founded by Mela Bauer in 2013 as a fashion sales agency providing an authentic service for both - brands and retailers. The Berlin based agency is always searching for new ways of communication and brand distribution. Embracing the digital opportunities became one of the agency's outstanding USPs during the Covid Crisis.

Fashion Webinar: Exploring foreign markets