The European Commission has launched her long awaited new EU strategy for sustainable and circular textiles. This policy will have a big impact on fashion companies. This webinar will give you an insight into the content of the strategy and when these new guidelines will come into force.

The EU strategy aims to create a greener, more competitive (fashion) industry by changing the rules for production and consumption of textiles. It will introduce new design requirements, greenwashing regulation, rules to prevent overproduction and overconsumption and several other new initiatives that will definitely impact your business as a fashion company.

The impact of the new EU textile strategy: full webinar

General framework and implementation

Sofie Bouteligier (OVAM) talks about the general framework and the implementation of the textile strategy, including the initiatives concerning due diligence and Extended Producer Responsability (EPR).

The impact of the new EU textile strategy: general framework and implementation

New ecodesign requirements

Bérénice Huet (FOD Volksgezondheid/SPF Santé Publique) explains the strategy with regard to the new ecodesign requirements.

The impact of the new EU textile strategy: new ecodesign requirements

Regulation of greenwashing

Davy Liebens (FOD/SPF Economie) talks about the (new) regulation of greenwashing. Davy works as an inspector-auditor for the Belgian Economic Inspectorate, within the Internet Surveillance Unit. His duties mainly consist of monitoring and enforcing the provisions of the Economic Law Code relating to consumer rights on the Internet. Among other things, he analyses merchants' websites to verify that they are not guilty of unfair commercial practices. Since 2021, this includes a focus on the unfair commercial practices that constitute greenwashing. Many Belgian fashion companies have been audited recently. Davy talks about the expected new European regulations on greenwashing, but we also asked him to tell us more about these audits.

The impact of the new EU textile strategy: regulation of greenwashing


In the extensive Q&A, quite a few questions were raised. We cover topics like the concrete deadlines and the use of sustainability labels in your communication.

The impact of the new EU textile strategy: Q&A