On 19 January 2017 Flanders DC (before Design Flanders) awarded the Henry van de Velde Awards 2016 in BOZAR in Brussels. Besides the Special Design Awards for lifetime achievement, company and young talent, the Design Solution Awards were awarded for products, projects or services (partially) based on a design methodology or design attitude, that offer an answer to contemporary questions. Discover them in these movies!

The Henry van de Velde Awards present designers and companies with the awarding of the Henry van de Velde Lifetime Achievement Award, the Henry van de Velde Company Award and the Henry van de Velde Young Talent Award, the so called Special Awards.

Besides these awards, attention is paid through the Design Solution Awards to products, projects and services that focus on the value and impact of design on our economy, our society and on the climate. For these categories 206 design products, projects and services registered. A professional jury chose 25 nominations and 8 winners. The nominations were presented after the jury selection, so that the public could vote for his or her favourite. Finally there were more than 7250 votes for the Henry van de Velde Public Award 16. 

At the ceremony with more than 1400 attendees the exhibition of the Henry van de Velde Awards 16 with all the nominees and winners was opened. This free exhibition runned from 20 January until 19 March in BOZAR and attracted more than 21000 visitors. 

Special Awards

Kristel Van Ael en Joannes Vandermeulen, Henry van de Velde Lifetime Achievement Award 16

Rotor Deconstruction, Henry van de Velde Company Award 16

Pieter-Jan Pieters, Henry van de Velde Young Talent Award 16

Design Solution Awards

Aalst, stad met zicht op zorg!, Henry van de Velde Design Research Award 16

Disarming Design from Palestine, Henry van de Velde Communication Award 16

Haspencubes, Henry van de Velde Efficiency 16

Inga Wellbeing, Henry van de Velde Better Health Award 16

Maggie Shelter, Henry van de Velde Life Quality Award 16

Marta, Henry van de Velde Collective Award 16

Memory Stone, Henry van de Velde Feel Good Award 16

Public Award

Stand Up, Henry van de Velde Public Award 16