With the ‘Ik Koop Belgisch’ campaign we want to put Belgian creative talents in the spotlight. The new platform inspires, informs and encourages consumers to get to know and buy Belgian works, brands and products.

Supporting local talents

‘Ik Koop Belgisch’ was initiated by Flanders DC in 2015 with a focus on the promotion of Belgian fashion. Partners such as Creamoda, Mode Unie and Comeos got involved not much later. Shop windows with stickers and the hashtag #ikkoopbelgisch had as a result that also design received more attention. Two years later the ‘Ik Koop Belgisch’ campaign got an addition with ‘J’Achète Belge’ and partners MAD and WBDM. Since June 2020 fashion designers, furniture designers, but also artists, writers, musicians, game developers and other creatives can get a spot at the new ‘Ik Koop Belgisch’ platform.

Ik Koop Belgisch

Why buy a Belgian brand?

We want to inspire consumers to really think about what they buy and from who. When you buy from Belgian entrepreneurs, you support the local economy. Furthermore you help realizing a dream of a creative from here.

"It is now more than ever important. Buying Belgian brands is more than a hashtag. It is a form of respect for the knowledge and expertise that Belgium has to offer.”

Elodie Ouédraogo,

ambassador Ik Koop Belgisch

Contemporary Design Market

In the framework of the 'Ik Koop Belgisch' campaign, Flanders DC was already for two years co-organiser of the Contemporary Design Market in Tour & Taxis in Brussels. The showcase and sales event showed the work of more than 50 Belgian designers.

Contemporary Design Market 2019

Contemporary Design Market 2019

Contemporary Design Market 2019

Find more than 2,000 brands on the Ik Koop Belgisch website.