The list of Belgian fashion and design brands is long and varied. The 'Ik koop Belgisch’ (I buy Belgian) campaign from Flanders DC, in collaboration with MAD Brussels, Creamoda and WBDM, puts Belgian labels in the spotlight and encourages consumers to proudly buy local brands. The French section 'J'achète Belge' (#jachetebelge) was recently added to the 'Ik koop Belgisch' campaign.

Belgians as ambassadors for their own labels

A research by the Belgian fashion federation Creamoda has shown that no less than eight out of ten people don't know which brands are Belgian. We want to change that with the 'Ik koop Belgisch’ campaign and making it a logo that you can no longer pass by.

Why buy a Belgian brand?

Not only do you boost the local economy, you also support a local dream. It’s important to put Belgian brands in the spotlight, Belgians should be proud to wear a local brand or to add a piece into their interior. It wouldn’t hurt to have a healthy dose of chauvinism, certainly if the brands want to compete with the major international players who are conquering our market.

Contemporary Design Market

On 28 and 29 September 2019, during Design September and in the framework of the 'Ik koop Belgisch' campaign, Flanders DC was co-organiser of the first edition of the Contemporary Design Market in Tour & Taxis in Brussels. The sales fair showed the work of 50 Belgian designers to 7,000 visitors.

Contemporary Design Market 2019

Contemporary Design Market 2019

Contemporary Design Market 2019

Find more than 1,500 brands on the Ik Koop Belgisch website.