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Fashion entrepreneur Annelies Lambert (go as u.r)

“Most of go as u.r's communication happens over Instagram and Facebook.

Luc Binst of Binst Architects

After the death of founder Jo Crepain in 2008, partner Luc Binst took over.

DC Network welcomes strategic cooperation with Shanghai

CECC will from now on be the representative organisation for Shanghai within the DC Network, which unites regions all over the world that focus on stimulating

Creativity World Forum 2017

Creativity World Forum 2017: “20 years from now, all we need are creatives and explorers” Carlo Vuijlsteke, Flanders DC

Isolde Lasoen

We were all in the marching band. We rehearsed once or twice a week and had a concert of excursion once or twice a week.

10 of the most innovative regions in the world meet at SuperNova, the festival of the future

"SuperNova is a great opportunity to meet creative people from all over the world and to learn from their expertise and knowledge.

David Behaegel of De Zetel

“When my father took over the business, we had 17 competitors. Many no longer exist, and we ourselves have acquired some of the others.

Henry van de Velde Young Talent Award 19: Brut Collective

“After Milan was over we needed another four months to wrap it all up.” Doing all that alone would be a full-time job.

Jonas Geirnaert

Of all the things I've done, Basta was probably the most fun.