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Isolde Lasoen

, it wasn't a spectacular breakthrough. It was a very steady crescendo of my career over all those years

Creativity World Forum 2017

Creativity World Forum 2017: “20 years from now, all we need are creatives and explorers” Carlo Vuijlsteke, Flanders DC

10 of the most innovative regions in the world meet at SuperNova, the festival of the future

people from all over the world and to learn from their expertise and knowledge. Together with the delegates from Baden-Württemberg we are looking forward

DC Network welcomes strategic cooperation with Shanghai

will from now on be the representative organisation for Shanghai within the DC Network, which unites regions all over the world that focus

Jonas Geirnaert

for four years on the fictional series The Day. Jonas talks about his debute, his inspiration and what keeps him motivated after all those years

Luc Binst of Binst Architects

collapsed. We lost all of our revenue in three or four months' time. And I had to let 30 people go in the space of a few weeks. Then we grew again, over

Yoeri Severy of Yappa: “We want to pass on our culture to our employees and give them free reign with it”

is to help people grow. If we can help people grow and develop their talents, the customer will profit. Over the years I’ve learned that it’s not always a good

Henry van de Velde Young Talent Award 19: Brut Collective

by the collective is meticulously curated, consistent and well-defined. Brut combines all of these into a crystal-clear narrative: monolithic, weighty

Base Design about brand identity: "Brands are like people"

over it with every form of communication. Write a boiler plate and repeat it in all kinds of applications. Break out of your own world and meet