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1 year of Close The Loop

It is now just over a year ago that we launched Close The Loop, the online platform for sustainable fashion.

Designer Linde Hermans: “It is important to stay close to yourself as a designer”

In this episode of #askthedesigner Linde Hermans is talking about her career. With her own design studio and lots of projects she developed for companies, cities and organisations, Linde works in different fields. In this video, she tells us about her way of working, her inspiration and some dream p...

Working future proof is working with responsability

Besides a detailed online knowledge platform and a database with 400 inspiring cases, we could mentor a second series of companies in a Close The Loop

Takeaways from the Fashion Talks 2019

Wise words with which Raf Simons closed Fashion Talks 2019 and which perfectly summed up the spirit of the day.

Fashion and sustainability: how to communicate your efforts

Their environmentalism is rooted in a deep and close relationship with nature and they’ve been supporting environmental protection from the start.