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David Behaegel of De Zetel

De Zetel also engages in a dialogue with its customers, to maintain a close relationship with the customer and monitor customers’ changing needs, now and

Dries Van Noten: “I’m a perfectionist, but I hate perfect beauty”

A fascination for Francis Bacon and imperfection Dries Van Noten says he’s scared of everything that is pretty close to perfection.

Making cities for people: innovation and creativity in Rio de Janeiro

In the afternoon the program was closed off with a visit to Casa do Jongo, an NGO founded about 50 years ago in Madureira, in the northern suburbs of Rio

Henry van de Velde Design Solution Awards 2016

In this way, MARTA wants not only to secure fair prices for farmers and makers by supporting a short supply chain, but also to focus on closing circles

10 key takeaways to be prepared for game fairs

Some publishing deals can be signed in less than two weeks, others may take close to a year.