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External consultants

Download here a list with their contact information: External Consultants (PDF). Feel free to contact hem.

About us

Flanders District of Creativity is the single point of contact

International promotion

Experience shows that personal contact with local experts is indispensable if you want to follow developments in their market and stay up to date.

Design duo Muller Van Severen: "Nowadays, you don't need to be in New York to get noticed"

That allowed us to make more international contacts.” Fien: “We're always looking for an interaction between an object and its environment.

Show your true colors

Please contact us or one of our consultants and facilitators. Show your true colors! 

Fashion Talks

Every two years Flanders DC brings the fashion industry together at Fashion Talks, an inspiring conference with a focus on sharing contacts and insights

DC Network welcomes strategic cooperation with Shanghai

If you want to be kept informed, do not hesitate to contact Carlo Vuijlsteke (carlo.vuijlsteke@flandersdc.be).

Meet the team

Ann Claes Senior Project Manager Fashion Coordinator & contact