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More Creative Fair Play!

Purchasing services are all-powerful and dictate the conditions, even though a bit of fair play can still be coaxed out of direct contact people.

Event terms & conditions and privacy policy

In addition, we can use these personal details to easily contact you.   How does Flanders DC collect your data?

Ives Agemans and Iris Delafortry of animation studio Cyborn

She is above all involved in the pre-production of films: ranging from making contacts with possible partners to concluding the co-production deals.

Dave Van Verdegem from game studio Pajama Llama

organizations such as Flanders DC that help with a Belgian Game Booth, so that you as a developer can be present for a reasonable price and can make contacts

10 key takeaways to be prepared for game fairs

You can try to go through the hassle of contacting press yourself, but if you have the funds you can save yourself a lot of time and let a PR company do

1 year of Close The Loop

initiative of the City of Antwerp toward building a sustainable city, Flanders DC (at the time still known as the Flanders Fashion Institute) came into contact

How do you do business in a future-proof way?

As a specialist for subsidies and growth financing at Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Femke Mortier is the perfect contact person for information