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Creative Ville

Creative Ville is the conference in Flanders for individuals who want to get inspired about entrepreneurship in the creative industry.

Creative Ville 2019 programmes a strong and daring line-up

With this year’s Creative Ville, Flanders DC promised to organise a day that would give the creative industry an opportunity to recharge its batteries.

Creatives on Creativity: “Nobody was born to be creative”

In the book Creatives on Creativity, which has just been published, creative director Steve Brouwers goes into conversation with 44 creatives from all

Creative industries

Overview of our creative industries In a study by the Flanders DC Knowledge Centre at the Antwerp Management School (2010), creative industries

Creative technologist Dries Depoorter

Creativity anno now. He conquers the world and gives lectures all over the world with his tools, websites and apps.

The creative sector in Flanders

Want to get a quick overview of the creative landscape in Flanders?

Creativity World Forum 2017

“Expect the unexpected,” has got to be the unofficial baseline of the Creativity World Forum, and that makes it hard to capture in words.

International Districts of Creativity Network

Founded in 2004 by Flanders DC, the Districts of Creativity (DC) Network unites 13 of the most creative and innovative regions around the world. 

More Creative Fair Play!

A year ago, Flanders DC launched, together with Creative Network, the Creative Fair Play manifest.

Creativity and urban development in Baden-Württemberg

Commission Mannheim, which is an institution dedicated to the interests of the cultural and creative industries in the city, offering advise to creative