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Fashion Talks

Every two years Flanders DC brings the fashion industry together at Fashion Talks, an inspiring conference with a focus on sharing contacts and insights

At Antwerp’s Fashion Talks, designers imagine the future

Antwerp makes up, to a point, with Fashion Talks, a lively biennial conference that is organized along with the Belgian Fashion Awards ceremony. 

Takeaways from the Fashion Talks 2019

Wise words with which Raf Simons closed Fashion Talks 2019 and which perfectly summed up the spirit of the day.

Looking back at Fashion Talks 2015

The next edition of Fashion Talks is coming closer. It will take place on 16 November in Antwerp (more information here).

Dirk Schönberger from adidas talks about youth culture, fashion and technology

Katrin Swartenbroux, journalist and online editor-in-chief for Knack Weekend, goes into conversation with Dirk about youth culture, fashion and technology

United Fashion

After three years of reflections and gatherings, a consortium of 8 partners (Flanders DC, German Fashion Council, Fashion Week Corporation Ltd, Not Just

Marketing guru Seth Godin talks about leadership and tribe marketing

At the SuperNova Conference 2018 he talked about leadership, tribe marketing and his new book This is Marketing that was published in November.

SCIRT: fashion brands and research institutions on an innovation journey towards circular fashion

Backed by EU funding, this project aims to find ways to tackle today’s greatest challenges in the fashion industry: clothes waste and recyclability.