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Fashion Talks

Every two years Flanders DC brings the fashion industry together at Fashion Talks, an inspiring conference with a focus on sharing contacts and insights

Takeaways from the Fashion Talks 2019

Takeaways from the Fashion Talks 2019 Isabelle Vander Heyde 28 November 2019

Looking back at Fashion Talks 2015

Looking back at Fashion Talks 2015 with Tom Savigar, Patrick Scallon and Tom Barman 10 January 2017

Online fashion’s key trends for 2020 by Online Heroes

Digital natives already marked it in their agenda, the Fashion Talks’ breakout session on online luxury branding hosted by Online Heroes, in collaboration

Fashion and sustainability: how to communicate your efforts

Don’t be afraid to talk about your efforts in an honest way. Becoming more sustainable as a brand is a process.