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Creativity World Forum 2017

This time it was designer Stefan Sagmeister‘s passionate talk on the importance of beauty, Google creative director Steve Vranakis’ quest, as a son of

Game expert Dirk Van Welden shares his thoughts

Dirk Van Welden from gamestudio I-Illusions, known from Space Pirate Trainer, talks

Dave Van Verdegem from game studio Pajama Llama

In this video Dave talks about the power of community building and the communication approach of Pajama Llama.

7 rules by Oscar Clark to monetize your game

For those who weren’t able to attend, here’s a concise summary of his talk.

Luc Binst of Binst Architects

In this video Luc talks about growth and innovation within his architectural office.

Isolde Lasoen

Isolde talks about how it all started for her as a musician, breaking through for the lucky few and how she also feels like being an entrepreneur. 

Exploring the creative innovation ecosystem of the Silicon Valley of India

In a vibrant talk architect Naresh Narasimkan of multi-award winning architecture firm VA Associates advocated the urgent need for more public space, better

Creative technologist Dries Depoorter

At the academy it seems like a taboo to talk about incomes and money.

Lize Spit

In this video, Lize talks about the struggle, the pressure for a next book, financial issues and the balance between her work and private life. 

Henry van de Velde Lifetime Achievement Award 19: Vincent Van Duysen

A fashion designer herself, she was looking for a young architect to draw her new line of design objects.