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What we learn from FashionTech Works

“Our ambition is to reduce all size-related returns in e-commerce”, says Geert Mertens, the driving force behind Shavatar.

FashionTech Works

Wearable technology, AR, VR, data analytics, blockchain, nanotechnology, internet of things, robotics, 3D rendering, social media commerce... can all have


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Flanders DC advisors are happy to offer creative entrepreneurs based in Flanders personal advice by phone, e-mail or appointment.

Yoeri Severy of Yappa: “We want to pass on our culture to our employees and give them free reign with it”

“Our onboarding starts when you sign up, you'll get e-mails from us in the preceding weeks to get you acquainted with our Yappa culture, our habits, our

How do you do business in a future-proof way?

For example, we see low-quality photos popping up on social media or an e-shop that is not at all customer-friendly.