This year we expand the Creativity World Forum (CWF) to become SuperNova, the festival of the future. SuperNova takes place from the 27th until the 30th of September 2018 in Antwerp and is organised by Flanders DC and with the support of the Flemish government. As from 2019 the CWF will take place again. SuperNova wants to show both professionals and the wider public how business and daily life will evolve over the coming years thanks to these future technologies. Its motto: Tomorrow is unstoppable.


You know this part as the inspiring conference where world class speakers take the stage. During this paid two-day conference for professionals on 27 and 28 September, international speakers will take the stage, such as the world-renowned marketing pioneer Seth Godin; Philip Inghelbrecht, founder of Shazam and Belgium’s prodigal son from Silicon Valley, and Anna Rosling Rönnlund, one of Bill Gates’ five personal heroes. Further names will be announced in the coming weeks and months. Discover all announced speakers right here

Seth Godin SuperNova


The public event SuperNova Expedition invites both young and old to experience ‘Tomorrow’s life’ today, thanks to interactive installations that will highlight the various aspects of our future in the realms of living, work, food, mobility, shopping, health, and entertainment. Visitors can experience how robots, cobots, and exoskeletons will change the workplace. How self-driving cars and boats will shape future mobility. How we can make our homes smarter and more durable thanks to new materials. And what the hospital room of the future will look like.

Tech Fair

At the SuperNova Tech Fair, the organisation will group (inter)national firms and knowledge institutions such as iMec, the umbrella organisation, and the fintech platform B-Hive, which set the main themes for tomorrow’s technological solutions and knowledge economy. They will present concrete solutions involving the Internet of Things, smart wearables, smart materials, machine learning and artificial intelligence, blockchain, and digital marketing to the SuperNova audience.

Investor Pitching

The investor programme SuperNova Investor Pitching is aiming to become the most significant scale-up pitching event in Europe and will be rolling out the red carpet for the world summit of venture capital funds that invest in technology companies. Fifty-five highly promising European technology scale-ups, co-selected by nine internationally recognised venture capital funds, will have the opportunity to convince niche investors of their credible ambitions to conquer the world. They will have ten minutes to sell their technology and solutions to multi-million, ‘deep pocket’ investment funds


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