The GPS brainstorming kit is a structural method to brainstorm in a group of 12 to 15 people. A GPS brainstorm starts with 6 current trends and challenges your company is facing. In about three hours you get up to 120 ideas and you select the best three.

Important: unfortunately, this toolkit is now only available in Dutch, but lower on this page an English version of all needed information (e.g. the manual) is available as a free download

As a compensation for the production and handling costs, we charge € 30,25 euros per toolkit (taxes included). You will receive an invoice by email. 

How does it work?

There are three steps in a GPS brainstorm. This well-structured approach ensure that you end up with plenty of ideas without your brainstorming workshop ending in chaos.

  • Step 1: generating ideas. Participants brainstorm in groups of two people. Together they can generate easily 120 ideas in 45 minutes!
  • Step 2: selecting ideas. The group selection of the best ideas.
  • Step 3: developing ideas. In small groups the best ideas are further developed into concrete projects on a project sheet.
After brainstorming, everyone votes on the best ideas.

After brainstorming, everyone votes on the best ideas.


Download the files below for the ideal preparation of your brainstorming session.

Professional facilitators

Do you want to reach maximal results with your brainstorm? You might consider inviting a professional brainstorm facilitator. We have Wil je het maximum uit jouw brainstorm halen? Nodig dan een professionele brainstormfacilitator uit. We have trained many commercial facilitators to use our tools in your company.

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