Today’s products and services have often become so generic that a new strategy is called for. Navel-gazing at your own products or services is no longer enough. The focus has to shift to the customers’ needs and concerns.

The company that puts customer care centre stage, and that comes up with solutions, will always occupy the top spot on people’s preference lists. We have developed Three, two, one-stop-shop! to help you in transforming your company into a solutions developer.

As a compensation for the handling cost, we charge 5 euros per toolkit. You will receive an invoice by email. 

Our toolbox helps you to find new opportunities in the value chain.

Our toolbox helps you to find new opportunities in the value chain.

No matter the sector you operate in, the Three, two, one-stop-shop! toolkit is your perfect guide to integrating services and partners to create a winning solution. We warmly inform you of the most important topics and the questions to ask yourself. This will help you generate useful ideas and insights, and ensure the success of your transformation process.

Flanders DC has developed this toolkit in close cooperation with Vlerick Business School. It is based on the research report From Caterpillar to Butterfly by Marion Debruyne, Deva Rangarajan and Caroline Baert, published in 2012. You can also read the summary of this research report.

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