BAM Marketing Days 2019

The BAM Marketing Days is a new concept by BAM to give the marketing community an overview of what is going on in marketing and to give an update about the many insights that are generated by BAM. By sharing experiences and knowledge, we want to fulfil our mission: to increase the level of marketing in Belgium and to put meaningful marketing on the map.

BAM would like to put marketing in the spotlight by showing off the work of the different Expert Hubs and on the other hand by giving the stage to the persons who were in the picture last year. We are curious about the story behind the award winners, but also want to hear the nominees for Marketer of the Year, the nominees for Belgium’s New Brand of the Year, the winning advertiser and the winning agency of the IAB Mixx Awards… During specific sessions you will receive also tips from the jury to win an award such as IAB Mixx Award, Belgium’s New Brand Award or Marketer of the Year Award.

What can you expect?

The program is built around relevant inspiration and information to be able to follow developments in our marketing profession. Every marketer can choose which presentations he or she wants to follow during the three days. It is also a good time to meet other marketers and talk to them, especially because it involves people with very different backgrounds. It’s about connecting people, from our BYM – Belgian Young Marketers towards our Master Marketers and inbetween.

Our speakers

  • Sabine Vanderveken (MOTY finalist)
  • Zehra Sayin (MOTY finalist)
  • Olivier Van Cauwelaert (society HUB)
  • Alexandre Helson (MOTY finalist)
  • Ab Polspoel (MOTY finalist)
  • Alain Mayné (communication HUB)
  • Arne Schelkens (BNB finalist)


We have invited award winners but also nominees from the awards that were granted last year to show you why they make a difference. Next to that, the delegates from our Expert Hubs will give you updates on the marketing trends in their domains. We also give an update on specific projects that we are working on within BAM, such as the Meaningful Marketing Model, the Digital Maturity Benchmark, the Matrix Research.

You can find more information about the program on our website.


4 juni tot 6 juni 2019

09:00 - 17:00


Hotel de Maître d'Eric
Koningstraat 290

1000 Brussel, België

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139 - 399 euro

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