Bio Art & Design Award

The Bio Art & Design Award (formerly known as Designers & Artist 4 Genomics Award), BAD award for short, is a unique competition that aims at stimulating young artists and designers to experiment with bio art and design and to collaborate with renowned Dutch science centers.

The Award aims to:

  • stimulate interest, excitement and debate about the life sciences through high-quality, original artistic practice
  • examine the social, cultural and ethical contexts of the life sciences through the arts
  • promote high-quality interdisciplinary practice and collaborations between art/design and science/technology

The Awards of 25.000 euro each are assigned by an international jury to the most promising and original proposals in the competition. The projects are consequently realised within six months and exhibited. Some contestants who do not get an Award still find other ways to realize their ideas. Technological developments in the life sciences have a large impact on society, therefore it is important to stimulate a dialogue with society and to enhance public engagement. The displayed works stimulate interest and debate through high-quality, original artistic practice and attract national and international attention in the media. The young artists and designers who win this competition often get a head start in their artistic careers. The Award functions as a springboard, either for new nominations or Awards, new or extended collaborations, grants, positions or new publications.

Deadline for registration is 1 February.


1 februari 2018





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