Biodesign: Now and Beyond

What's up and coming in biodesign? During 3.8 billion years, nature has been developing a broad and diversified repertoire of innovative strategies and mechanisms to face a constantly changing environment. It has been proving to be an inspiring model of sustainability and inventiveness as well as a mature technology we could use to build more sustainable and desirable futures.

Within this context, Biodesign grows as a branch made of intersections between nature, science and creativity. This innovative approach to design expands problem solving frontiers, basing itself on research from the life sciences and even incorporating the use of living materials into structures, objects and processes. By joining designers and biologists, Biodesign proposes a shift in social priorities and sustainable perspectives on building and manufacturing.

During this evening, experts will guide us through their cross-disciplinary experiences merging creativity and scientific knowledge. They will also discuss about interactions between design, biology and socio-political-ecological issues with the public.

This inspiring event also counts with an exhibition of Biodesign projects of students who are tackling sustainability problems by using biology to achieve design goals.


  • Ana Lisa Alperovich-O’Brien is an independent curator, journalist and tutor based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. She runs and coordinates Makematerialsense, a 6-month elective class for second-year BA students from all Departments at the Design Academy Eindhoven. The discipline is a journey on natural materials and human senses, where each student works with their own fetish substance, stretching the possibilities of what matter can be or do to create their own biomaterials’ composites and future applications.
  • Guillian Graves is an industrial designer and biodesigner. He heads Big Bang Project, a Parisian studio at the cutting edge of socially-responsible design, science, and technology. He will introduce his design approach at the meeting point between Design and Biology, as well as the way he seeks to imitate / collaborate with / fabricate nature in order to design sustainable innovations. Graves will offer the audience a trip between nature exploration and bio-inspired / biofabricated objects, designed thanks to new collaborations between designers and scientists acting as a link between the laboratories and the societies.


  • 19h00 — 19h30: Welcoming
  • 19h30 — 19h45: Introduction
  • 19h45 — 20h10: Exhibition tours
  • 20h10 — 20h30: Lecture by Ana Lisa Alperovich-O’Brie (Design Academy Eindhoven)
  • 20h30 — 20h50: Lecture by Guillian Graves (ENSCI)
  • 20h50 — 21h30: Debate + Q&A

Free admission. Registration is required.

This event is a collaboration of Glimps with BOS+, Zero Waste Belgium and Bruxelles Environnement.

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24 april 2019



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Havenlaan 86C

1000 Brussel, België

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