Breakfast sessions: Power up your business with Al

Products and services leveraging Artificial Intelligence are becoming the new normal. Are you all set? AI is more than a technology, more than a product functionality. AI will define your next business model and what your product architecture will look like.

Is Artificial Intelligence a research topic to look out for? Hardly. The time is now. AI is ready to be effectively deployed in analyzing multidimensional sensor inputs, combining sensor data with external contextual information or relevant data feeds.

Ready to accelerate your business?

Do you have an idea or technology that can create new added values through AI? Do you want to know if AI is useful for your products and services in the short term? Let’s discuss your AI potential and assess your idea in the AI readiness workshop. Sign up for a free breakfast session in Antwerp, Kuurne, Gentbrugge or Nivelles.


4 dates, 4 different locations of Masters in Innovation (umbrella brand of the Verhaert Group). From 8h till 11h with delicious coffee and crispy croissants.

  • Thursday 24 April in Antwerp, at The Beacon
  • Thursday 2 May in Kuurne, at Pegus Digital
  • Thursday 9 May in Gentbrugge, at Moebius Design
  • Tuesday 14 May in Nivelles, at Lambda-X

24 april tot 14 mei 2019

08:00 - 11:00


The Beacon
Sint-Pietersvliet 7

2000 Antwerpen, België

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Verhaert Masters in Innovation



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