Business4Change Hackathon

Business4Change is a 2-day hackathon contest, organised to 'hack' or solve issues businesses are facing in their transition to the circular economy. The hackathon emphasises the potential of social innovation and the role of new business models in the circular economy. Business4Change is an initiative of the European Commission and will take place on 16-17 November 2020 within the European Business Summit at the Egmont Palace in Brussels, Belgium.

Over the course of 2 days, different teams will compete against each other to come up with innovative and creative solutions to solve a practical challenge related to the circular economy. The challenges are selected in collaboration with challenge owners and experts representing companies, associations, and NGOs. Leading up to the hackathon, selected experts will share their knowledge on the circular economy with the participants. Challenge owners will provide attractive prizes to the winners of the hackathon.

The European Business Summit needs your help! solve circular economy challenges using social innovation!

What does this mean? The circular economy is an economic system aiming to eliminate waste through the reuse, repair, recycling or sharing of materials to minimise the use of resource inputs and the creation of waste pollution. The aim for the circular economy is to keep products and infrastructure in use for longer and to maximimize the regeneration of these resources as much as possible. Solving circular economy problems using social innovation means that proposed solutions should be geared towards creating social value and meeting societal needs.

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The Challenges

Each challenge is owned by a specific challenge owner. Teams will be able to collaborate with experts to learn from their experience and help come up with practical solutions to the challenges. Please note that the deadline has been extended to 29 June 2020. 

Challenge Owners 
Are you a small or large business engaged in the circular economy? Get concrete business issues you are facing solved by teams of innovative young entrepreneurs! Help us defining the challenges to be tackled during the hackathon, coach the teams and reward them with a prize. Challenge owners will disseminate the winning solutions within their networks.  

You represent a public or private sector organisation (e.g. NGO, university, research institute, association, network) with in-depth knowledge of circular economy issues. Advise us on scoping the challenges, help us train the teams on circular economy concepts and judge the results. Experts will disseminate the winning solutions within their networks.

More information?

For more information about the event please contact: 

Anya Gregory, Communications and Research Manager at European Business Summit: 

Carlotta Traverso, Communications and Operations Assistant at European Business Summit:


29 juni 2020


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