An annual assembly in Brussels of galleries, artist initiatives and project spaces. Conceived as an experiment with the art fair format, POPPOSITIONS aims to occupy an independent and critical position.


The 8th edition of POPPOSITIONS will revolve around the term “woke” and how its mainstream popularity and increasing application intersects with corporate and capitalist structures. The idea of being woke and wokeness concerns raising social awareness, taking actions in response to dominant paradigms, acknowledging one’s privileges towards understanding the struggles of others, and giving space to social bodies that have been silenced, unacknowledged and underrepresented.

With the forthcoming edition of POPPOSITIONS we want to think collectively about what responses and forms of resistance can be formulated when ideologies have become trendy and woke-washing brands cash in on social justice.

For whom?

POPPOSITIONS 2019 is looking for proposals that address and counteract the influence of advanced capitalism and its far-reaching management of the living, in which the human has become just one of the marketable species.

From the notion of living currency, identity politics as lifestyle attribute, to discussions concerning feminism, queer, gender, blackness, migration, post-colonialism and performing activism in relation to wokeness, we would like to address issues of representation, conflict of interest, the possibilities of corporate social responsibility, performing dissent, and engaging in acts of consciousness-raising about one’s place in a scheme of things.

POPPOSITIONS welcomes submissions from any kind of contemporary art initiative: commercial galleries, collectives, artist-run spaces, curatorial platforms and not-for-profit organisations.

For this edition, proposals are limited to solo shows, which will be curated by POPPOSITIONS into one single exhibition. All forms of media and artistic disciplines are accepted.

Application deadline: 31 december 2018. Read more.

More information

POPPOSITIONS was established by Liv Vaisberg and Pieter Vermeulen in 2012 as a counterpoint to mainstream art fairs, and has grown as the leading fair offering an alternative market for contemporary art.

In the past seven years, POPPOSITIONS has been dealing with questions of artistic agency, self-organisation, cynicism and criticality in order to shape its profile within the cultural and economic landscape.

POPPOSITIONS is more than an art fair. It encourages new, experimental and innovative approaches to the art market. It is both a curated exhibition and an ongoing critical dialogue.

POPPOSITIONS strongly believes in a collaborative approach, and works closely with artists, curators and collectors.


31 december 2018





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