Contest: Conversations about Climate Change

Conversations about Climate Change is a design competition that sets architects, designers, and craftspeople the challenge of creating ‘conversations pieces’ from sustainably sourced tropical timber. Winning designs will be provided with sustainably sourced FLEGT tropical hardwood sourced from VPA countries through TTF member, to ensure the use of sustainablys sourced timber.

The Competition: stimulate climate conversations

Conversations about Climate Change asks designers to respond to this material, encourages them to think about the materials they usually work with, and to consider how their role as a specifier is vital for implementing change. Designs should stimulate conversation about material provenance and its place in the climate debate while revealing the aesthetic qualities of the palette of tropical hardwoods species selected.

The ‘conversation pieces’ could be furniture, sculpture, a model or functional design object – as long as it responds to the material provided, a range of tropical hardwood species, and can start a conversation about the climate crisis.

All entries will be shown in an exhibition at the Building Centre in London in November timed to mark the original date of COP26 and highlighting the vital role for tropical forests in the climate debate.

Six winners will be chosen by an expert judging panel to be fabricated for the show. All winners will be provided with sustainably sourced FLEGT tropical hardwood, a maker’s bursary, and matched up with workshops where their designs will be developed and made.

Key dates

  • 1st June: Competition opens
  • 24th August: Competition closes
  • Beginning of September: Winners announced
  • Early September – End of October: Objects in creation
  • 5th November – 5th December: EXHIBITION


To enter, find out more, or read the supporting resources, please visit

The competition is open and will close 24th August 2020.

The six winners will be announced at the beginning of September.


24 augustus 2020


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