Creathon Lille 'Sport, Health and Design’ 2020

Are you a BA/MA/PhD student or a young professional; are you passionate about design, sport, health, and do you have a creative entrepreneurial spirit? Apply before March 1 for the Creathon ‘Sport, Health and Design’ that will take place on April 7th-9th 2020 in Lille.

What is a Creathon?

Creathons can be described as ‘creative marathons’ or interactive workshops that bring together talented students and young professionals from different backgrounds and fields of study. The participants of the Creathon work together to deliver innovative solutions, projects or pre-prototypes, related to a specific topic. Click here for more information about our Creathons.

Creathon 2020: Sport, Health and Design

This year the topic of the Creathon is the interaction between sport, health and design. It explores how health conditions can be improved by embracing the aid of sport and design, particularly in the workplace and in urban life. The influence of design in the world of sport is far-reaching. Design helps improve performances, brings style to technology and encourages people to participate.  In the workplace and in urban life, design solutions allow us to be fitter, happier, more productive, age better, live longer and help us live together in a positive and meaningful way.

During the Creathon you are asked to form small groups and to work collectively on innovative design elements, which can either have a physical palpable or an intangible component. This resonates with the idea that you can mobilize design to conceive objects, but also to change mindsets.

At the end of three days of intensive interactive workshops, you present your work outcomes in front of a jury of experts. Your final proposal might be a pre-prototype, an educational tool or another concept plan. You provide an implementation plan including for instance a global timeline, a budget overview and a feasibility assessment. The winning team receives a scholarship.

The Creathon experience offers ample networking opportunities, site visits and meetings with regional and international socioeconomic players. In partnership with Lille’s Agency, a local government-related agency to attract foreign companies to the city region, a speed networking event with Dutch, French and local businesses involved in the subject will be organized.

The Creathon takes place in harmony with Lille 2020 World Design Capital

Costs: all costs related to participation (travel between Lille and Belgium or the Netherlands, meals and lodging) will be covered by the organizers.

Interested? Please send the application form to Lex Kuil and Magalie Herlem before March 1.


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