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The only inspiration and networking conference around for àll creative communities! With a carefully curated line-up of local and international speakers, from various creative industries. Recharging creatives with fresh ideas, inspiring insights and valuable connections. 

Creative Ville Mainstage speakers

Our Mainstage speakers

We are proud to present this fine mix of industry leaders and fresh voices, local and international.

  1. Aral Balkan: cyborg rights activist, designer & lead developer at

  2. Dries Depoorter: artist working with technology

  3. Bert Hamelinck: co-founder & managing director of Caviar Group

  4. Bent Van Looy: musician, painter and tv maker

  5. Mike Monteiro: co-founder & design director Mule Design
  6. Sara Riis-Carstensen: creator of Lego’s global brand strategy

  7. Sofie Van de Velde: owner of Gallery Sofie Van de Velde.

  8. Dimitri Verhulst: bestselling author 

Our Backstage Talks

These intimate meetings with refreshing voices from various creative fields will broaden your horizon.

  1. Ives Agemans & Iris Delafortry - Managing Duo at Cyborn film & games. 
    "Growing, innovating and adapting in an international creative industry"  

  2. Christina De Witte - Illustrator of comic character Chrostin. 
    "Apples and oranges: why your work can be multi-faceted"  

  3. Lander Gyselinck - Drummer, composer & improviser at STUFF. 
    "Looking for the perfect beat: balancing between genres, projects and time"  

  4. Wim Vanlessen - Former principal dancer at Ballet Flanders. 
    "The life of a male dancer"

  5. Tim Vekemans - Architect, spatial researcher & partner at RE-ST. 
    "Today’s role as architects" 

  6. Cecilia Verheyden - Award-winning director & screenwriter. 
    "How to not fuck up wtFOCK, a teenage online series"

  7. Debby Wilmsen - Press agent & owner DP Communications. 
    "Don’t be afraid, be prepared: how to communicate towards the media"

Is Creative Ville for you?

If you’re interested in inspiration from industry leaders as well as fresh voices from the creative industries, then: yes, you should attend!

If you dare to connect with creative professionals outside your familiar network: yes!

If you’re curious about something 100% tailored towards the creative sector, a more than memorable experience at an exclusive venue: triple yes!

We promise to avoid product demo’s, sales presentations or death-by-powerpoint-talks. And assure you: Creative Ville will leave you completely recharged.


22 november 2019




2000 Antwerpen, België

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Flanders DC


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