Creative Voices Conference

The first leadership conference for all who have a role to play in shaping the creative industry. A day of learning with some of the most inspiring voices in the industry in a brand new and unique location just a stone’s throw away from Brussels.

What to expect

Creative Belgium believes in creativity for all, which is why they’re committed to shaping an inspiring, inclusive and equal industry for everyone.

Check out keynotes and personal talks from international creative leaders in the industry. Learning outcomes include: why to give female leadership a chance, what ‘inclusive creativity’ brings us, how to create high-performing teams, how to promote healthy masculinity and equality in the workplace, why older creatives keep companies young, how to be an authentic leader, etc.


  • Ali Hanan - Creative Equals (NZ/UK)
  • Cynthia Augustine - FCB (USA)
  • Emily Rammant (BE)
  • Frederic Bonn - iCrossing (USA)
  • Laura Jordan Bambach - Mr. President (UK)
  • Laura Visco - 72andsunny (AR)
  • Liesbeth Dillen (NL/BE)
  • Philippe Meunier - Sid Lee (CA)
  • Senta Slingerland - inVisible Creatives  (BE/UK)
  • Vera Claes - zij-kant (BE)
  • Taha Riani - Allyens (BE)
  • Thierry Brunfaut - Base Design (BE)

5 maart 2020



Quartier Papier
Fabriekstraat 55-59

1930 Zaventem, België

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Creative Belgium


155 — 265 euro

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