Customer-Centered Organization Award 2022

The Customer-Centered Organization Award 2022 is awarded to the most customer-centered organization in Belgium. Customer-centricity covers different fields: it is about leadership, processes, resources, structure, and of course, culture.

Customers are the lifeblood of any healthy business. No business without customers. Companies that place the customer at the center of everything they do, have the most significant potential for success.

They have more returning customers/clients, better margins, and happier personnel. They have cost-efficient processes and implement digital solutions that provide value for their customers. They have an organization built for exchange and collaboration. The management of these companies has a strong vision and values of customer-centricity.


  • 16:30 Reception

  • 17:00 Welcome to Customer-Centered Organization Award 2022

  • 17:15 Keynote speakers Dieter Haerens – CEO SAXO BANK Belgium and Anne-Laura Janssens – Customer Experience Manager SAXO BANK

  • 17;45 Keynote speaker Olivier Danvin – Manager Business Accelerators ELIA

  • 18:15 Keynote speaker Erik Janssen – VP Global and Head of Digital Care Transformation UCB

  • 18:45 Dinner and Award Ceremony

  • 19:30 Dessert and drinks


13 oktober 2022



De Warande
Zinnerstraat 1

1000 Brussel, België

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175 euro

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