DAA x Arts Thread Young Creatives Against AIDS Contest

Are you a young creative who believes in the power of social media when it comes to raising awareness about important social issues? Then this competition might be for you! Apply by January 06 2020 by uploading a project of work that Designers against AIDS can share on their social media and see your work being enjoyed by young people worldwide. The prestigious judging panel will choose the winners!

What are they looking for?

DAA are looking for young creatives from all over the world who want to create and send us stories, art work, fun safe sex videos, a print of a T-shirt, posters, interactive games and other content for our social media.

They are open to ideas from fashion, visual communication, art, design, journalism, branding & business strategies 

Your creative proposal should ideally consist of 15-20 pages and include:

  • your analysis of DAA story and heritage in the area of AIDS prevention
  • your creative ideas on how to make DAA relevant for 21st century global youth culture
  • your creative project on chosen specific subject outlined in the brief
  • your ideas on how to define DAA 2.0 with new approaches to marketing mix and off/online innovative strategies in this disruptive world of global crisis.

For example you can enter with any or a combination of:

  • a written story, piece of journalist writing, essay
  • a photo series, visual story telling
  • strong slogans to combine with images for social media (static and gifs)
  • art direction for a campaign idea - posters, interactive games
  • a video, documentary, interview of fictional for social media
  • 21st century visual identity for DAA and new awareness campaigns, use of logo etc
  • fashion design and visual ideas for a t-shirt and sweatshirt collection using print, logos, slogan
  • upcycling ideas for custom made pieces to be sold on DAA website

6 januari 2020





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