Design Art Night

In samenwerking met Collectible, Veerle Verbakel en Maarten Statius Muller host Fosbury & Sons een avond in het teken van hedendaags Belgisch design. Liefhebbers van design & designverzamelaars kunnen zowel gevestigde waarden als nieuw talent ontdekken tijdens deze 'Design Art Night'.

Voor deze vierde editie van 'Design Art Night' verenigen design specialists Liv Vaisberg & Clélie Debehault van Collectible, Veerle Verbakel en Maarten Statius Muller zich opnieuw om bijzonder Belgisch talent in de kijker te zetten. Ditmaal schijnt hun licht op Pierre De Valck, Orson Oxo Van Beek, DIM Atelier en Amber Dewaele.


  • 19u00 - 19u30: Ontvangst
  • 19u30 - 21u00: Speaker sessions
    • Pierre de Valck is a Belgian art designer fascinated by archeology and historical artefacts. He creates authentic, handmade objects marked by the unique signature of nature. His work is in reminiscence of times when applied arts were steered by abundance and symbolism: significant showpieces meant to display exquisite craftsmanship. He attempts to harness the power of ancient geological processes in a contemporary bodice: Future Relics that allow the rediscovery of millions years old nature and our collective memory.
    • Orson Oxo Van Beek is a Bruxelles-based Belgium designer, graduated from the Design AcademyEindhoven in 2019. Operating within the spatial design realm, the line of work he follows fluctuates between furniture, interior to scenography. These versatile disciplines are often linked in his approach to tackle a particular subject matter. While the furniture-oriented work delves into a more artistic attitude, their starting point examines a conceptual foundation. Alongside his personal practice, he develops commercial retail spaces, spatial installations, and contributes designs for scenography of theatre, exhibitions, and fashion.
    • DIM atelier was founded in Antwerp in 2013 by the artist and set designer Vladimir Slavov. Since then it serves as a laboratory,researching the interaction between shape and light, and the impact they have on the surrounding environment. The focus on the creative process, craftsmanship, and innovative materials are leading to exceptional lighting pieces with extreme attention to detail and finish
    • Amber Dewaele is an Antwerp-based furniture and product designer. She is a young but driven woman ready to rethink the visual object world through her own playfull lens. Amber recently graduated from the Thomas More School, where she was taught the arts and crafts of furniture design. Combined with her preceding studies in industrial product design, she has a perfectly balanced portfolio between functionality and creativity. When taking a step back to better understand her, one rapidly realizes that she seeks the simplicity in the boundless complexity, both in form and function.
  • 21u00 - 22u00 Networking & drinks

Praktische informatie

De Design Art Night vindt plaats op donderdag 12 mei in Fosbury & Sons Boitsfort aan de voet van het Zoniënwoud in Brussel.

Tickets inclusief toegang tot de Collectible Art Fair zijn hier verkrijgbaar.


12 mei 2022

19:00 - 22:00


Fosbury & Sons Boitsfort
Terhulpensesteenweg 185

1170 Watermaal-Bosvoorde, Belgium

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Fosbury & Sons


10 euro

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