Design Art Night

Tijdens Design Art Night kunnen designliefhebbers kennismaken met nieuwe namen uit de hedendaagse designwereld. De vijfde editie vindt plaats op woensdag 7 september in Fosbury & Sons Boitsfort in Brussel en zet de Contemporary Design Market in de kijker.

Ter gelegenheid van de Contemporary Design Market bundelen Flanders DC, de oprichters van Design Art Night, Veerle Verbakel Gallery, Statius PR en Fosbury & Sons hun krachten om bijzonder Belgisch talent en hun ontwerpen in de kijker te zetten tijdens deze vijfde editie van 'Design Art Night'. Curated for the Curious, een inspirerende avond voor design liefhebbers & verzamelaars.


  • 19u00 - 19u30: Ontvangst
  • 19u30 - 21u00: Speaker sessions
    • GUEST OF HONOUR: Studiokhachatryan is a Brussels-based design studio founded in 2010 by Noro Khachatryan. Its practice ranges from sculptural objects to architectural design, elements for public and residential spaces, blending traditional craftsmanship with analytical gestures and natural materials. While many works are self-produced, others are manufactured in cooperation with international, high-end industrial or artisanal partners/

    • YOUNG GUEST OF HONOUR: Thibeau scarcériaux is a Belgium-based, artist/ designer who creates objects / installations around taboos by researching the social, cultural, economic and physical properties of this subject. This creates a dialogue between the work and the spectator, so that the subject is discussed and the viewer can choose his own view on the subject. A moment of contemplation. He graduated from Vomo (furniture design) at Thomas more , Mechelen in 2020, complementing a prior training in Industrial design at Howest, Kortkrijk. His practice is diverse but consistent and stands out for its unusual subjects, materials, sculptural and monumental qualities.

    • BINÔME: After having both participated in the Contemporary Design Market 2021, Pieter Bostoen and Gilles Mayk Navangi are joining forces for the 2022 edition.Driven and supported by Flanders DC, this collaboration aims to promote exchange, dialogue and cultural diversity. The objective is to confront different perceptions of design and thus open the way to new visual languages and artistic movements.For this collaboration, Pieter and Mayk dug deep into their interests, motivations and worldviews in order to come up with a project representative of their respective identities. From there on the idea was born of making objects that honor the fauna and flora. The result are ceramic vessels symbolizing endangered animals.These objects are jars, totems, meditative sculptures, which advocate contemplation and benevolence towards the animal kingdom. Through this project, they wish to draw attention to the tragic fate of certain animals due to the profit and exploitation of biodiversity. Pieter is a multifaceted designer working in the field of interior design, graphic design, product design & art believing that good design is a cross-over between those different disciplines. Gilles Mayk Navangi is a painter, illustrator and sculptor. His work focuses on the phenomenon of civilization, with a particular interest in African cultures and traditions

  • 21u00 - 22u00 Networking & drinks



Praktische informatie

De Design Art Night vindt plaats op 7 september in Fosbury & Sons Boitsfort aan de voet van het Zoniënwoud in Brussel.

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7 september 2022

19:00 - 22:00


Fosbury & Sons Boitsfort
Terhulpensesteenweg 185

1170 Watermaal-Bosvoorde, Belgium

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Fosbury & Sons


8 euro

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