Venice Design Biennial

DESIGN.VE – Venice Design Biennial announces its third edition, from May 21 to June 14, 2020. As in the previous editions, it will run in parallel with the first month of the Architecture Biennale, the largest exhibition in the world dedicated to architecture.

The theme set for the 2020 edition is Design As Self-Portrait. The categories of political, religious, sexual and cultural belonging, that in the past defined a secure perimeter for a person’s notion of identity, have now faded. Moreover, the Internet has created a universally accessible and free space for self-expression. Everyone creates a representation of one’s self in a space of free fluctuation. How do we represent ourselves through design? Is self-representation a form of design in itself? 

Beside the main group exhibition, entitled after the curatorial theme, the program will include collateral projects presented by design firms, design schools, institutions, galleries, and individual designers from around the world. Collateral projects can interact with the curatorial theme, or propose autonomous concepts. Galleries, Venetian palaces, institutional venues, but also old warehouses, closed shops and empty houses, are temporarily transformed into design spaces. DESIGN.VE – Venice Design Biennial combines the uniqueness of the design creations with the immersive experience that Venice itself entails. 

Participation and application

Send your proposal to for: 

  • Participation in the main group exhibition Design As Self-Portrait
  • Participation as a Collateral Project
  • Application to the brand new DESIGN.VE Residency:
    • DESIGN.VE – Venice Design Biennial launches this year its design residency program.

    • The program aims at connecting international designers with the traditional craftsmen and local makers, thus developing a strong bond between cutting-edge design research and the city of Venice.

    • Applications are accepted from November 1st, 2019 until January 31, 2020. The selected designer will be announced in May, in the occasion of the opening event of DESIGN.VE – Venice Design Biennial 2020.

    • For more information about the application process, please contact:


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