Diploma Selection 2019: Product design and fashion

Designblok–Prague International Design Festival is the most extensive Central–European exhibition exclusively focusing on design and fashion. More than 50.000 visitors coming to Designblok can see around 400 exhibitions by brands, designers, studios, artists and schools from several countries. The most important part of Designblok is the international graduation project competition called Diploma Selection. This international contest is annually announced in association with EUNIC Cluster CR – European Union National Institutes for Culture. The contest is open to all graduate students from European academies, art schools and universities who will graduate in the field of product and fashion design in 2019.

How does Diploma Selection work?

  • Finalist Selection process.

The Designblok board of curators – Jana Zielinski / Director of Designblok; Jiří Macek / Creative Director of Designblok; Adam Štěch / Design strategy consultant and curator; Danica Kovářová / Dolce Vita Editor-in-Chief; Veronika Ruppert / journalist and editor, Modeschau, Radio Wave – selects the competition finalists out of all applications.

The board of curators may select more than one work from an individual country. Equally, the board reserves the right to decide not to select any work from an individual country.

  • Winners Selection process.

The winners are selected by an international jury consisting of prominent figures from leading European galleries, cultural institutions and media. All jury members are very experienced within the European design and fashion scene.

The award

Winners are awarded a financial prize of EUR 1,000 for their new collection that will be released at Designblok 2020. Top 3 product designers are assigned an exhibition space at the Designblok Openstudio 2020 (the central Designblok exhibition space which hosts about 40,000 visitors) to present work development as international guests. Top 3 fashion designers are given the opportunity to present their new collections as Designblok 2020 international guests.

Application consists of

  • Visual presentation of diploma
  • Work project description
  • Personal information (name, university, field of study)

More information and applications

Michaela Jurencakova / Project manager
+420 777 656 452
Designblok website


9 juli 2019





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