Expert Day: Boost your gaming business!

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To become a successful games studio, you not only need to create a great game, you also need to have a solid game plan. There’s no use in pouring your soul into a unique experience when nobody even knows your game is out there. Even the most creative game developers need to sharpen their entrepreneurial skills. Therefore Flanders DC and FLEGA invite you to the Expert Day: Boost your gaming business! 

What to expect?

On December 13th at De Hoorn in Leuven, eight experts will share their insights and provide answers to crucial business questions such as:
- What’s the best way to monetise my game?
- How do I boost my sales?
- How can I protect my IP?
- How can I build a community and reach out to the press?
- What’s this thing called a planning and how can I use it to effortlessly juggle my own thing and work for hire projects at the same time?

What will the Expert Day look like?

After a nice lunch, keynote speaker Oscar Clark (Unity Technologies) lets you in on his sacred 7 rules of monetisation.

Afterwards, our experts are at your disposal. In smaller groups, you will learn how to handle the various pitfalls of the game production cycle.

Finally, the experts have private time slots you can book for more personal one-on-one feedback. You can pitch your ideas or throw your questions at our experts. 
We have experts at your disposal on planning/processes, IP, community building, digital marketing, sales, crowdfunding, partnerships, financing and entrepreneurial conundrums.


  • 12h —13h: Lunch
  • 13h—13h45: Keynote 'Seven Rules Of Monetisation' by Oscar Clark of Unity Technologies:
    When building a game, many developers struggle with monetisation. Do you charge up front, rely on in-app purchases or use advertising? These are important decisions that will ultimately impact the kind of game you develop! Oscar Clark, Evangelist at Unity Technologies, will explore how to monetise your product while ensuring that this process doesn’t get in the way of developing a fun, enjoyable game.
  • 14h—16h30: Sofa Sessions: 3 x 3 sessions that take about 45 min.
    • Pitfalls in Community Building: Youri Loedts (Creative Director @ JUSt.Agency/ Carrot on a Stick)
    • Pitfalls in IP: Stan De Vocht (Innovation Mgr @ Imec/ Founder @ Creative Shelter) 
    • Pitfalls in Business Strategy: Oscar Clark 
  • 16h30—18h30: Meet the experts! Have a drink! Show your game! 
    FLEGA café with expert meetings (private conversations of 30 min) and feedback corner games

About the experts

  • Oscar Clark, Evangelist at Unity Technologies (Keynote, Sofa)

Oscar joined the games industry in 1998 and has been involved with marketing, design, monetisation, development, launch and operations of numerous market-leading games, services and technologies; including pioneering the first recorded in-app purchase method for mobile games. He has played leading roles in groundbreaking games projects from BT's Wireplay, 3UK Game Platorm, PlayStation Home and is now an Evangelist at Unity Technologies.
He is also a Mentor for games accelerator GameFounders, author of 'Games As A Service: How Free To Play Design Can Make Better Games' and co-founder of Rocket Lolly Games. 
On the sofa, he will discuss Business Strategy with you.

  • Youri Loedts, community builder (Sofa, 1-on-1)

For nearly 13 years Youri Loedts was one of the driving forces behind the popular magazine Official PlayStation Magazine Benelux and its website PlayStationPure. During this extended period Youri learned a lot about building and sustaining gaming communities. The past 5 years, he has been doing the same in the digital realm for international brands like 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros., Netflix, Ben & Jerry’s, Xbox, Ubisoft, Proximus and many more.
Together with you, he will be discussing the pitfalls in community building, for both big and small companies. 

  • Stan De Vocht, founder and CEO of Creative Shelter (Sofa, 1-on-1)

Creative Shelter has a mission to help creative freelancers and business owners to successfully use the Belgian tax incentives for intellectual property such as copyright, patent deduction and tax shelter for audiovisual projects. Stan holds an LL.M in Law and Intellectual Property and has been working in the field of intellectual property for over a decade.
On his sofa, he will discuss pitfalls in IP. 

  • Tom Baeten, founder of Winger consultancy (1-on-1)

As a natural born entrepreneur, passionate by people and developing existing or new businesses, Tom started his sales career almost 25 years ago. He worked in sales-, marketing and management roles for groups like Ricoh, Sare Lee, Suez en Bpost. Thanks to his large experience within several companies and international groups, he is able to look at situations from a different angle without losing the customer need out of sight. Recently Tom decided to launch his proper company Winger consultancy.

  • Kris Leys, Partnership Manager at Hello bank (1-on-1)

Want to check your business strategy for launching your game? Product-Market check? Crowdfunding can be the perfect tool for a low-risk launch of your business, strengthen your community or boost your marketing/communication. Check out partnership tips and tricks and create your perfect partner pitch! 

  • David Verbruggen, FLEGA (1-on-1)

David Verbruggen represents the Flemish Games Association (FLEGA) as videogames expert with over 20 years of experience in videogames, game development and gamification. His main specialties are project management, business development, sales and marketing. You can also talk to David to find your way to other experts and organizations or institutions that can help boost your business.

  • Pascal Cools, General Manager at Flanders DC (1-on-1)

Pascal Cools is General Manager of Flanders DC and mentor of several creative startups. He can advise you on how to improve your business skills.


13 december 2017

12:00 - 18:30


De Hoorn
Sluisstraat 79

3000 Leuven, Belgium

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Flanders DC


25 euro (= incl. lunch en drinks afterwards)

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