Expert Day Games: The path to profit

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So you’ve got the gamedev skills and the ideas. But how do you make money from it? What’s the best revenue model for your studio and your games? How do you approach the pricing? What are the key ingredients to successfully launch and live off your own IP? Or is it better to combine it with work for hire - and if so: how do you find potential customers? Is crowdfunding a good idea? In this Expert Day on Friday 19 November we let you talk to and learn from experienced specialists in the game industry. 

What will the Expert Day look like?

We’ve prepared a lineup of seasoned specialists ready to tackle all your questions. After a nice lunch, our experts are at your disposal. In smaller thematic groups, you will learn how to monetize your games and skills. The experts also have private time slots you can book for more personal one-on-one feedback. You can pitch your ideas or throw your questions at our experts. After the sofa sessions we have a drink together in a FLEGA cafe. 

We will provide you with a personalized schedule, taking your preferences into account as much as possible, so you can get the most out of this day.


A ticket costs 40 euro excl. VAT. FLEGA members pay 30 euro excl. VAT.

Are you interested?

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19 november 2021



Flanders DC en FLEGA


40 euro (excl. VAT); FLEGA members 30 euro (excl. VAT)

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