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With over 100 games releasing every day, reaching your target audience has never been more difficult. You can create the best game in the world, but it’s no use if all you do is shout in the void. There’s also more ways than ever to connect with players, but you’ll need a solid marketing approach to get the message across and convince them playing your game is worth their time.

Game marketing never has been more important and that’s why our next Expert Day for the games industry will focus on how to market your game. Taking place in Mechelen on May 23 from 12.30 - 18.00 our experts will answer vital marketing questions such as: what’s the best way of marketing my game? How do I build a community around my game and what’s the role of PR agencies in that story? Our experts are there to help you reflect on your marketing approach and help you with all questions concerning marketing and overall communication. As such, this event is the best preparation for filing a submission to obtain promotion support with VAF/Gamefonds.


  • 12u30 — 13u30: Lunch (included)
  • 13u30 — 13u35: Introduction Expert Day by Flanders DC
  • 13u35 — 14u20: Keynote session “Develop your game marketing” by Stephanie and Bram van Lith (Game Drive)
  • 14u20 — 14u35: Short break
  • 14u35 — 15u20: Sofa session 1
  • 15u25 — 16u10: Sofa session 2
  • 16u15 — 17u: Sofa session 3
  • 17u — 18u: Network drink and one-on-ones


Plenary Session

Develop your game marketing (Stephanie and Bram van Lith/ Game Drive)

Bram and Stephanie often get the question: “I would like to launch my game next month, can you help me with the marketing?” We certainly can, but if you want to get the most out of your marketing budget, remember that there is a whole world of possibility for marketing your game and building an audience way before and beyond the release itself! Stephanie and Bram, the founders of Game Drive, develop marketing plans and strategies together with game developers to get the most out of a game before, during and after release!

Game Drive is a marketing studio specialised in video games, founded in 2014. They can handle any aspect of your marketing process, from strategically positioning your game in the market to engaging players and grabbing press attention. Game Drive has handled over 35+ game launches in the last few years and work together with the developers of Verdun/Tannenberg, the We Were Here Series, Tricky Towers, Swords and Soldiers 2 Shawarmageddon, Maelstrom, Renowned Explorers, SYNTHETIK, Days of War and many more... They are currently working with Private Division and Obsidian Entertainment on their upcoming hit game The Outer Worlds. More info on Game Drive.

Sofa Sessions

Influencer marketing (Axel Gekiere/ Adshot)

Axel Gekiere is the co-founder of Adshot – a marketplace where brands and game studios can easily work with gaming influencers. As a digital marketer, Axel worked on Digital Growth Projects at Google and assisted many companies in adopting digital marketing to reach their objectives. During the sofa session and one-on-one, you can pick his brains on how to use digital marketing to get your game out to the relevant online audiences.

Optimize the PR and marketing efforts for your release (Koenraad Parrein/ Day One)

Koenraad Parrein is the co-founder of Day One, a media, marketing and PR agency working exclusively for entertainment brands, such as major video game publishers like Warner Bros., Bethesda and Microsoft. He guides his clients into marketing their game with strategic advice and guided the company into a future proof strategy where Day One delivers a 360° games marketing solution for all clients. He’s one of the best to to tell you what’s the best way to run a games marketing campaign and how to get the full potential out of your marketing budget.

Community Building (Heiny Reimes/ Utomic)

Heiny Reimes is a Twitter influencer helping indies spread the word about their games via Twitter. He also helps them network with other developers and/or other parties like publishers via his Discord, which is focused on the business side of developing a game and getting it out there. Heiny will help by giving insights on how to keep things real on social media, stick to the point and help understand what the people on social media are actually looking for, which is often quite different from what developers want to talk about. A lot of what he does is built on his research in evolutionary psychology, where he studies what elements make something cute, cool and scary. This means helping understand why, what and how 'mainstream' likes to be presented within the games, outside of it and having it streamlined.


You can book a 1-on-1 session with:

  • Axel Ghequire (Adshot)
  • Koenraad Parrein (Day One)
  • Heiny Reimes (Utomic, indie evangelist)
  • Yoeri Loedts (VAF)
  • David Verbruggen (FLEGA)
  • Natascha Rommens (Flanders DC)

23 mei 2019

12:30 - 18:00


Maurits Sabbestraat 123

2800 Mechelen, België

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Flanders DC


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