First steps to become an entrepreneur

Don’t you feel sometimes that your job just isn’t what you’re meant to be doing? That there should be something else out there for you, an opportunity to make a positive difference for other people and for the planet? Something with a bigger purpose, something with real impact?

Like you, Paul Eckly, an industrial engineer in his early 30ies, had a great job: he traveled the world, had a nice company car, and certainly didn’t have to worry about paying the next bill. Like you, he felt that it just wasn’t what he was dreaming about - and he spent years being not quite happy with his job and with himself. And then one day in April this year he turned his life around, and started on a new journey.

On November 27 Paul will share his journey: how he found a new, meaningful goal, created a team and jump into startup projects since Hack Belgium 2018. And after his talk, Hack Belgium will help you feel right there and then a little bit of what Paul has experienced at Hack Belgium 2018.


  • 18u Doors open
  • 18u30 Welcome talk by Leo Exter from Hack Belgium
  • 18u35 Story time with Paul Eckly
  • 19u Hack yourself: overview of what you will experience at Hack Belgium
  • 19u30 Beers (and meeting new people)
  • 20u Time to go home, it’s a school night after all!

What is Hack Belgium?

Hack Belgium is the world’s first innovation festival, born three years ago right here in Brussels. Their mission is to help everyone they work with - from large enterprises to students and job seekers - to become better innovators. Every year they help hundreds of people and organisations to launch successful new projects. And not just any type of projects: new businesses that tackle societal challenges, are financially sound and use the latest technology to create great impact.

For them, innovation is a capability. It means having the motivation, the knowledge, the skills, and the network to generate promising ideas and turn those ideas into something tangible and valuable for your career, your business and the wider world.

See you on


27 november 2018

18:00 - 20:00


Sinter-Goedelevoorplein 5

1000 Brussel, België

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