Game Webinar: Preparing a release

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Flanders DC

Did you think playing games is exciting? Try releasing a game. Building an audience for your masterpiece is a tough job, especially if you’re self-publishing. It requires totally different skills than those you need to create a game. Basically you need skills to set up a smart plan and an even better execution.

In this webinar we provide you with some proven tactics on how to prepare a public game release as a self-publisher. When do you start building your audience? Which fans are you aiming for, and where can you find them? How do you build a community and reach out to the press? Which are the most relevant communication channels?  


The webinar will be presented by Michiel Verheijdt, Senior Marketing Manager at Good Shepherd Entertainment, a Dutch video game publisher at the heart of indie game development that has published several top sellers such as Monster Train, Transport Fever and the critically acclaimed John Wick Hex (based on the John Wick film franchise). Michiel has 20 years of marketing experience in the game industry. 

For whom?

For game studios planning a release in the near or more distant future, who understand that even a great game doesn't sell itself.


  • April 27th, 10h - 11h
  • With Q&A
  • This webinar is free but registration is necessary



27 april 2021



Flanders DC



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