Postponed Gaming Lab: Tax Shelter - Brussels

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Flanders DC

So sorry, this event will be postponed until further notice.

Unfortunately we were a bit too enthusiasic, hoping for quick decisions on the Tax Shelter for gaming. But decision making is a slow process and we won't have enough relevant updates in November to organise an entire session about it. 

If you want us to keep you posted about the event and Tax Shelter evolution, you can leave your contact details.

Besides performing arts and audiovisual industries, Tax Shelter will soon apply to the videogame industry, hurray! Companies will be able to invest in the game industry at favourable conditions. No time to waste to know how this will work.

During this Lab we explain you Tax Shelter. We invite case studies, consultants and experts to inform you about the opportunities and impact on your company. You will get practical information about Tax Shelter and the possibility to talk individually about your situation. 

This Lab is organised with following partners: FLEGA, VAF Gamefonds, Screen Brussels and Walga.

Detailed program will be announced soon.


For who?

For all game studios, investors and tax consultants who wants to know everything about the upcoming Tax Shelter for the gaming industry.


5 november 2019

14:00 - 17:30


Flanders DC


event postponed

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