Gaming Lab: Ways to finance your game studio and optimize tax advantages

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Flanders DC

There are more ways to finance your company than cash or investors. Tax advantages, funds, subsidies, etc. can optimize the financial status of your company even more.

At the start and during the growth process of your company, financials are always important.  In the Gaming industry maybe even a more as the development process of a game is quite long. International competition is huge but inevitable since we all know gaming is an international given from the start.

Therefore it is important to optimize your finances, not only by adding cash but also by researching tax advantages, exploring subsidies or discounts in many forms.
During 3 talks by Triangle Factory, Flanders DC and Mythyra Laywers, you will receive an overview from all funding possibilities and tax advantages. After the talks there will be a network reception where you can directly meet up with several important organisations who can support your game studio financially. So this Lab is not to miss!

During this Lab we explore the different ways to finance your company and how to optimize your tax advantages. 

This Lab is organised in collaboration with FLEGA and Howest.



Timothy Vanherberghen, Triangle Factory

Triangle Factory is an independent game developer founded in 2010 and based in Ghent, Belgium. With a strong focus on Mobile / VR / AR,  they use game technology for a large number of use cases ranging from entertainment to enterprise. In 2017 they launched the hugely successful mobile game Switch, an adrenaline fueled multiplayer trivia game based on the similarly named TV-Show. Triangle Factory also has multiple VR and AR projects in their pipeline for different industries including training, engineering, medical, aerospace and entertainment. The talk will focus on how Triangle Factory bootstrapped their way to a profitable business and the strategies, tools and funding opportunities available for game development companies in Belgium.

Joyce SMet, Flanders DC

Joyce Smet is Project Manager Advice at Flanders DC and for her it’s all about the figures. At Flanders DC she advices on topics such as financing, subsidies and accounting. For this occasion the dives the financing for gaming. She will give you an overview where and how you can fund your game studio.

Geert Coupez, Mythra Laywers

Geert Coupez from Mytra Laywers has 17 years of experience as taxation adviser. The company Mythra is specialized in tax advantages and revenue enhancement and already advices some known gaming companies with implementation of tax advantages. Geert will give you an overview of all existing tax advantages that can be interesting for a starting or growing game company. What can you do to maximize your advantages and how to make sure you’re not confronted with unexpected surprises. Geert will also be available during the network reception.

    Meet & Greet

    After the plenairy session there is time to meet up during the network reception with several important organisations who can support your game studio financially.

    • Yoeri Loudts - VAF Gamefonds
    • Robby Wouters - imec.istart
    • Delphine Dumon - Creative Europe Media Desk Vlaanderen
    • Frederic Deprez - Flanders Investment & Trade
    • Willem Laureys - WinWinner
    • Dave Van de Maele - Cronos Interactive
    • Dries Van Poucke - VLAIO
    • Arnaud Matterne - PMV


    For who?

    All game studios/entrepreneurs willing to dive deep in ways to finance their company or game.


    • 14u00: Timothy, Triangle Factory
    • 14u25: Joyce, Flanders DC
    • 15u05: Geert, Mythra Laywers
    • 16u00: Network reception with different organisations

    6 december 2018

    14:00 - 17:30


    Howest Kortrijk
    Botenkoperstraat 2

    8500 Kortrijk, België

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    Flanders DC


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