Hack Belgium 2019

The world is racing forward at breakneck speed – accelerating technological progress, societal changes and environmental pressure. You want to have a meaningful impact for others, the environment and yourself. But how do you start?

  • Find purpose

    One of our 12 societal themes is sure to touch you personally. Choose it and make it your life’s work.

  • Expand your skills

    150+ workshops to learn the critical 21st century skills: design thinking, entrepreneurship, creativity and collaboration. Be sure not to miss out the workshop on 28 March given by Jasmien Wynants of Flanders DC on Circular Fashion

  • Go fast

    200 experts to help you go from a vague idea to a concrete, viable business proposition.

  • Hands-on with technology

    Experience the latest in emerging technologies (from AI to Biohacking) and apply them to your idea.

  • Transform your network

    Meet people from universities, research institutes, startups, large and small companies, government and non-profits.

More information about the program can be found on the website. Flanders DC will also be present as a mentor and a jury member for circular fashion.


28 maart tot 30 maart 2019


Avenue du Port 86C

1000 Brussel, België

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Hack Belgium


82,64 — 300 euro (excl. btw)

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