A hackathon is an open-innovation weekend where like-minded people from different backgrounds come together to co-create solutions, this time for the diamond industry! We've set up 3 challenges, and over the course of the weekend, multiple teams will work around the clock on solutions for those challenges, and present it to a jury of experts on the last day. Winners will be chosen, and together with our partners, solutions can then be further developed and implemented to take innovation in the diamond industry to a higher level!


Challenge 1: How to change a challenge into an opportunity
How can the natural diamond industry further establish and differentiate itself in relation to competing products and reach potential new customers? Which lessons can be learned from similar cases in other products and how can this knowledge be applied to the diamond industry and its B2B and B2C strategies?

Challenge 2: There's a new kid on the blockchain
Imagine that we have a blockchain system which can not only trace the lifeline of a stone, but can also trace diamond transactions. If used by a critical mass of companies, spanning the whole value chain of the diamond industry, this Blockchain would create a vast source of new data on invoices, stones and transactions. The owners of the data (diamond traders for example) could then decide to disclose or share their data with third parties.

Challenge 3: Trade of tomorrow
The dynamics of engaging with customers, both in a B2B and B2C context, have changed significantly over the past few years. Traditional roles and processes between the different elements in the diamond pipeline (miner, trader, manufacturer, retailer) have eroded and a new shift has emerged, where innovation, customer engagement and experience are taking the lead in selling a product or service. Traders need to reinvent themselves and how they do business, innovation and thinking outside of the box will be key for future success, meaning the industry needs to facilitate these processes and allow crosspollination from outsiders.


Friday 04/5

  • 17h30 - 19h: Registration and dinner
  • ​19h - 19h45: Kick-off hack4diamonds 
  • ​19h45 - 21h30: Introduction challenges and pitching
  • ​21h30 - 23h30: Coaching by experts
  • ​23h30 - 08h: Hacking 24/7

Saturday 05/5

  • 08h - 09h: Hackers breakfast​
  • 09h - 12h: Continue hacking
  • 12h - 13h: Hackers lunch
  • 13h - 18h: Continue hacking with coaching
  • 18h - 19h​: Dinner
  • 19h30 - 22h30​: Pitch coaching
  • 22h30 - 08h: Hacking 24/7

Sunday 06/5

  • 08h - 09h: Hackers breakfast
  • 09h - 11h: Last coaching session
  • 11h30 - 13h: Hackers lunch
  • 12h30 - 14h30: Pre-selection pitches (top 6)
  • 15h15 - 16h: Welcoming guests & networking drink
  • 16h - 17h30: Closing ceremony
  • 17h30 - 18h: Winners & award ceremony
  • 18h - 19h30: Networking @ CARAT+

4 mei tot 6 mei 2018



Expo Antwerpen
Jan Van Rijswijcklaan 191

Antwerpen, Belgium

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