How to crowdfund your creativity?

Even though it may look simple, running a crowdfunding campaign is a time-consuming activitiy, requiring a few months of research and preparation as well as a solid strategy and a good dose of stamina. This two-days training run by ECN – the European Crowdfunding Network – will guide you with a hands-on approach into how to build a crowdfunding campaign and will provide you with general guidelines and best-practices.

The training, mainly addressed to individuals, startups and SMEs thinking about crowdfunding a project in the creative and cultural field, will help you to understand your crowdfunding potential (feasibility assessment), define your goals and needs, identify the suitable crowdfunding model and platform, understand your target audience, build a convincing story, set up the right incentive(s), prepare an effective communication strategy, and set up a timeline and action plan.

At the end of the training, you will receive a copy of the ECN Crowdfunding guide, a copy of the crowdfunding canvas, a list of useful tools to use during the campaign, a list of selected European platforms as well as a list of practical cases and examples.


14 november tot 16 november 2017


Bon Jour Mi:t
Rue du Sceptre 57c

1050 Brussels, België

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120 euro (early bird) - 150 euro

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