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The 27th Biennale Interieur will take place from 22 until 26 October 2020 in Kortrijk, Belgium. Following on from the refreshing 2018 edition, the Biennale will continue its ongoing transformation. During five days the Biennale engages during a limited number of days, in a compact, curatedand quality environment bringing international and national brands together with young designers and new talent.

In busy digital times the Biennale Interieur will bring the real experience. Interieur wants to take people into a suprisingly familiar world. A place of unpredictability also, far removed from the beaten path. A place for meeting and reflection.

In a world overloaded with design events shouting for attention, we believe whispering works better than shouting. Exactly because this peaceful approach invites better listening, it will ensure the commercial success for both participants and professionals. Therefor the Biennale Interieur offers a unique insight in what contemporary design is and will do. Do not miss this unique event and take part ! All details on


15 december 2019


Biennale Interieur


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