Interieur awards: call for spaces

Create a cutting-edge bar and restaurant concept for the biennale INTERIEUR 2018.


Entries for the Interieur Awards will be judged anonymously by an international jury. Its members are prominent international professionals with relevant knowledge and expertise within the general field of design.

The 2018 jury members are Alex Mustonen (USA), India Mahdavi (FR), Glenn Sestig (BE) & Nicolai Norregaard (DK).


The jury will select three successful participants. The prize awarded to these winners consists of the realisation of their selected bar space concept (value 10.000 euro per winner, a total of 30.000 euro) alongside prominent exposure to the 70.000-strong visiting audience during the 26th Biennale INTERIEUR 2018.

The 10.000 euro budget goes to the realisation of the bars. There are plenty of opportunities for the three winners, amongst others visibility for the 70,000 Interieur visitors and international press coverage. There is no additional prize in cash.

What to prepare?

To register you need to prepare: First a PDF file of your project featuring elements such as moodboards, drawings, views, technical information, product information and the obligatory proof of budget. Secondly a short descriptive text and 3 to maximum 5 images of the proposed space. Last but not least: a poster visually presenting and explaining the entire concept to the jury. You can download the template for this post on the website.

Be aware that for the presentation to the jury all posters of entries will be printed and presented along the walls of the judging space. As such you will understand the importance of your poster as a first impression to the jury.

The theme

The jury is looking for strong concepts. You can decide completely on the concept, colours, mood and food! There is no fixed theme.

More important for this year’s edition will be the food and drinks assortment. Apart from the design characteristics of the concept a particular judgement will go to the menu you propose. An important parameter is a concept and menu that works from the morning till the evening. Last but not least there is a particular interest for a dedicated Belgian beer bar.

Registration fee

The fee (150 euro) guarantees well-considered submissions by those who really want to go for it and allows us to welcome a high-profile international jury.

Proof of budget

The organisation asks for a proof of budget which is just meant as a reality check. The essential thing is to prove that it is feasible to build your design for the proposed budget. Provide us with an estimated cost for materials, furniture and production and an estimate of the added value if you work with supporting partners.

Participants are asked to submit a food concept, but the actual execution and day to day management of the bar will be subcontracted by Biennale Interieur to a professional catering company. No need to think about bringing along your own people for catering.

Bar and kitchen equipment

Please note that the actual bar and kitchen equipment, such as fridges, coolers and heaters will be rented by Interieur. Only the cost of the actual counter or bar in which to present food or drinks needs to be included in your proof of budget. As a guideline for the service & stock area: provide a stock area of approximately 6 to 9 m2, height approximately 2,5 m.

Who wil build the bars?

Your design will be constructed by the Interieur production team. No need to bring a team of builders or a contractor. Include an estimated production fee in your budget for woodwork, painting etc.

Group registration

Groups will have to select a group representative who will register and enter the group proposal. The names of the additional group members can be added in the registration form.


31 maart 2018



Biennale Interieur


150 euro

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