Let's Talk Design

Let’s Talk Design is a one evening conference (held multiple times a year) on the subject of design and creativity.

Let's Talk Design is a series of evenings with speakers from the creative sector talking about their work. Established creatives talk about their work next to young and upcoming talent. The goal is to bring creatives together, inspire, motivate and connect in an informal setting. A little extra: with your ticket of Let's Talk Design you can enter Design museum Gent (Belgium) for free!


  • Stephanie Specht, graphic designer

Stephanie Specht is a freelance graphic designer from Antwerp. Her style is best described as intuitive, abstract, typographic and minimalistic, typified by an almost analytical fragmentation of shapes, in combination with an intense color palette, drawing inspiration from architecture and music. After graduating from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Stephanie started freelancing with a focus on brand identity, illustration and book designs. Having lived and worked pretty much everywhere in her 10-year career (Cape Town, Brussels, Princeton, New York, Antwerp), every single one of these experiences shaped her as a creative person. Amongst her international clientèle, you’ll find the likes of Jefferson Hack (Nowness, AnOther Magazine), Baloji, Target, S Magazine, Picture Room, Matters of Space, Artlead, Canvas (Off The Record), Bruno Pieters, Alife and Ugly Belgian Houses. Named in the Top 3 List of Promising Designers, Flanders Style in Monocle’s The Forecast (2016) and honored with no less than 13 awards from Design and Design (Paris).

  • Thierry Brunfaut, designer

Don’t design for designers. Design for people. Coming from a family of architects, Thierry brings to Base a creativity grounded in common sense. Following a two-year stint as a graphic designer in Spain, Thierry co-founded Base in 1996 with his friends Juliette Cavenaile, Dimitri Jeurissen, Marc Panero and Geoff Cook. Though leading BaseBrussels, Thierry today oversees all important strategic and conceptual issues within Base, and is in constant contact with the studios in New York and Geneva. To projects ranging from visual identities to ad campaigns, Thierry imparts a philosophy of graphic and conceptual simplicity that emphasizes concise communication. Thierry believes in the power of creative autonomy mixed with teamwork and pleasure. Thierry bears a striking and seemingly contradictory resemblance both to Moby and Kermit the Frog. Base is an international network of studios led by creatives. Base is about people, simplicity and common sense.

  • Kastaar

An and Stoffels love for traditional slow printing techniques made them move mountains. Well, not exactly mountains… but tons and tons of lead type, cast iron letterpress machines and wood type cabinets. Saving these beauties from the scrapyard one by one, they have gathered an impressive collection of hands-on printing materials. Kastaar became an exhausting self-taught adventure, while looking like a small museum of craftsmanship. The limitations of slow printing, combined with contemporary techniques and insights, challenge them to rethink the design process. Kastaar is not just a print shop: it is a bold playground for graphic experimentation and collaboration. Embracing the past, with eyes on the future. By the way… In Dutch, the word kastaar means daredevil or little rascal, but also heavy object. Nailed it!



25 januari 2018



Schaarbeeklei 636

1800 Vilvoorde, België

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15 euro - 30 euro

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